Cheeses Crust is a mobile street food experience, specializing in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, the signature BACON BOMB and CHEESES STEAKs with jalapenos pair with the fresh made Raspberry ICE Lemonade. Cooler days will bring out the Hot Cocoas with fresh whip cream garnished with BC blueberries or raspberries and our home made fresh hot and spicy Tomato Basil Soup. Both pair well with our custom grilled cheese sammy's. We CATER to weddings, graduations, parties and special events. We are proud to serve our melted delishousness to all our brother's and sister's! "HUNGRY?" The Now News - Frontpage Feature by Jeremy Deutsch

Cheeses Crust will be at CALLAGHAN VALLEY in WHISTLER for Family Day in February and at LUSH, Broadway Tech Centre, MEC, 601 Terminal Ave, Hastings-Moody-New West Farmers Markets, and PARKSIDE BREWERY and MOODY ALES

Thanks to all of you crust fans this year! We got a 3rd place nod for the Grilled Cheese Challenge Feb 24 to March 18 CHEESES CRUST SUPREME Holy Smoked and Chillin with Dillin mmmmmmelted delciousness and a New Westminster 1st Place for favourite Food Truck. Pleasure to serve you all! CKPM Radio - Interview with Rod the Morning Guy