Cheeses Crust is a mobile street food experience, specializing in gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, the signature BACON BOMB and CHEESES STEAK with jalapenos pair with the fresh made Raspberry ICE Lemonade. Cooler days will bring out the Hot Cocoas with fresh whip cream garnished with BC blueberries or raspberries and our home made fresh hot Tomato / Basil Soup. Both pair well with our custom grilled cheese sammy's. We CATER to weddings, graduations, parties and special events. We are proud partipants at #PEMBYFEST and love to serve our melted delishousness to all our brother's and sister's! "HUNGRY?" The Now News - Frontpage Feature by Jeremy Deutsch

Cheeses Crust is sponsored by Hertel's to put the bomb in the Bacon Bomb. Hertels's is a family owned business based in Port Alberni and produces high-quality and delicious pork products. HERTEL'S

Cheeses Crust will be at the Motorcycle Show in January at the Tradex and LUSH, KIT & ACE, Broadway Tech Centre and Hastings Park

Thanks to all of you crust fans this year. BC Rocks and so do you! Stay melted my friends... CKPM Radio - Interview with Rod the Morning Guy